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Mon Sep 1

I’m not good at my budget.

I just ordered a Hobonichi Techo planner, which I’ve wanted for a long time…. but now they ahve an Earthbound cover and I feel like I should be one of those people who carries a planner now. Except I’l probably use it as a drawing a day diary.

What if your neighbour knocked on your door and said, “Are you alright in there? I’m hearing a lot of Bjork.”

Utada Hikaru - Distance

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This is the best thing I have ever seen.

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- Billy Kane, The King of Fighters 2003 (SNK-Playmore)

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My cat really likes sitting on the floor near me listening to house music.


“Three Woman Figures”, Kazimir Malevich.


Three Woman Figures”, Kazimir Malevich.

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My pants were too tight today. My legs are decompressing. I wouldn’t leave the house unless somebody was picking me up to go to a really fancy place to eat with a delicious buffet and I got to wear a real nice suit.

Sun Aug 31


I feel like everyone has left. I love family as they are always there. But here I am still trying - and while everyone else is trying somewhere else … I’m here just trying the same thing again in the same place for six years. missing the fact that I can’t call these people any more… Missing the fact that maybe I never took the same leap they did.

They’re just in other places doing that thing over there. Maybe they’re just at the start of their six year thing. You should enable replies.